International Iron Maiden Tribute Band - 'Higher on Maiden', formed in the U.K. around 1995 and are The World's Original and Finest Tribute to the Mighty 'Iron Maiden'

For the last 18 years they have played shows in every corner of the UK, Europe and most recently, India, where one gig was broadcast on live TV, in front of 6000 screaming fans.
Higher-on-Maiden are the only Iron Maiden Tribute who's members have actually played on stage with (and members have been officially endorsed by) Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Paul Dianno & Blaze Bayley.
And when Bruce Dickinson was at one of their shows in Sweden he commented to Higher-on-Maiden's front man, 'Big Dickinson' ...... "You sound just like me !!! ... I always wondered what I sang on that bit!"
Higher-on-Maiden have a genuine passion for the music of Iron Maiden coupled with a desire to recreate the live sound as closely as possible. As a review in Terrorizer Magazine said, "Normally a cover band wouldn't warrant a review in Terrorizer, but this lot were so much fun that they are worth a mention. They have the guitar sound down pat, 'Steve Harris' is a dead ringer for 'Arry and the best part was that the set list was one great song after another. Higher-on-Maiden is a great night out for you and the mates to rock out and have a beverage. Eddie even shows up to give his blessing too."
Up the Irons !

India 2014 Here We Come Again !


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New YouTube Site

For all the latest Videos from the latest tour of INDIA and lots of UK stuff please visit and subscribe to the Higher-on-Maiden YouTube site here.

North East India Winter Tour

Higher-on-Maiden would like to thank the amazing people of North East India for their warmth and hospitality on our latest trip to this wonderful country.
The reception from the people and crowds at Ukhrul, Imphal and Dimapur was unbelievable and we cannot wait to return ! May we thank everyone involved including Sanjit, 'MJ' and Sunjay from Campus Infotainment (we love you so much boys), our fantastic Sound Man Shimrei, our great friend Albert for single handedly catching all our food with his bare hands (the snakes and spiders were the best), our Tour Manager Sunny, who I don't think will go to sleep on us again (see here), The Classic Hotel - Imphal (great scrambled eggs and chicken dinners), our chef Mr Tom yum Goong and Beni ("no .. your king chillis are not the hottest" says Big Dickinson), Sky Group, Morung Express, Nokia (Imphal), Marina Spring, Aier's Enclave (and the Dogs .. woof), Crescendo, Metal Gear, Get Gorgeous Society (Champ is Crazy!) and all the people who came and supported ! For photo's of our latest trip to India and more please click here.

Another Great India Tour 2012

Once again in 2012 it has been Higher-on-Maiden's GREAT PLEASURE and Privilege to tour India. The places we visited, the venues, the people we met and hospitality were once again all AMAZING ! A HUGE BIG Thankyou to everyone involved in making this the best tour yet :) and we'll see you all again early in 2013 \m/


Higher-on-Maiden are very proud and excited to announce that we will be Headlining the Chaos 2012 Festival in Ahmedabad, India on 28th January 2012. Chaos 2012 is the Biggest and most well known Cultural Festival in India .. we can't wait .. more info here.

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Meet the Band (at long last !!)

At long last we have sorted the MEET THE BAND section of the site (only took 10 years ... worth the wait ??????) Go and check out which Midget Gem is Dave Hurry's Favourite ...

\m/ UP THE IRONS !! \m/

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2011 Legends of Rock Show UPDATE

A NEW 2011LEGENDS of ROCK show FRI 8th OCTOBER 2011 featuring Higher-on-Maiden, Mentallica, Guns2Roses @ THE SLADE ROOMS, WOLVERHAMPTON .. Check out the official website for more info and join the LOR CLUB !

INDIA 2011

Higher-on-Maiden are very proud and excited to announce that they will be headlining the Carpe Diem Pro Night in Calcutta, INDIA on 30th Jan 2011. After last years AMAZING gigs in INDIA we cannot wait to get back to this wonderful and hospitable country !

New Gigs for 2011

New gig dates for 2011 just confirmed include The Famous Brickmakers in Norwich, A double header with Mentallica at The Tropic in Ruislip and some great New Venues for us ... The Krazy House in Liverpool plus The Face Bar in Reading. Check our Giglist for more info ...

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Meet the Band (at long last !!)

At long last we have sorted the MEET THE BAND section of the site (only took 10 years ... worth the wait ??????) Go and check out which Midget Gem is Dave Hurry's Favourite ...


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Planet Rock Radio

Higher-on-Maiden are now recommended and featured on the Planet Rock Gig Guide and NEW Tribute Band Section. There's lots of great Tribute Acts to check out as well as a Great Website for Rock and Metal Fans. Click on the Banner to go to Planet Rock !

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Legends of Rock

Higher-on-Maiden are proud and excited to announce their involvement with the new, LEGENDS of ROCK of the UK and Europe sponsered by Jagermeister. Click here to read the ANNOUNCEMENT

Each show will feature up to 6 of the countries top rock and metal tribute acts.
The line up will include Mentallica, Higher-on-Maiden, Dizzy Lizzy, Bon Giovi and Hells Bells.

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Meet the Band (at long last !!)

At long last we have sorted the MEET THE BAND section of the site (only took 10 years ... worth the wait ??????) Go and check out which Midget Gem is Dave Hurry's Favourite ...

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Higher-on-Maiden have been very proudly chosen as THE Iron Maiden Tribute Band to Record all the tracks for an Exciting New Project at

You can see pics of this Great Day in the Studio HERE
A Huge Thanks to Kevin and Angus for a Brilliant Day and Good Luck with the Project ... it's gonna be FANTASTIC ! Check out the Site !!

NEWS NOV 2008 - More Shows Announced !!

New shows booked in Swansea, Dublin, Cheltenham, Nottingham !
Check the Giglist for more info !



Yes ! After a year and a half break the Four Original Members of HI-ON MAIDEN are BACK ! with a SUPERB new Bass Player (Mr.Speedy Harris) and a new Band Name, we're going back on the road !!
Keep checking the Gig List which will have new dates added in the coming weeks.
We are all looking forward to getting back out there and rattling venues with some MAIDEN !


Happy new year to you all! And what a great start to the new year with Iron Maiden praising Higher-on-Maiden in the new issue of Metal Hammer!!!

The boys were asked the question: "Have you ever been to see a Maiden tribute band? Any good?
Here are their replies:

Bruce: "I've been to see Hi-on Maiden - a Geordie band. (lol) They're good; they've got all the right trousers. Whether they've got the equipment to fill them though is a different matter."

Nicko: "I've seen Hi-on Maiden too. They were really good. Mind you I've got my own occaisional tribute band too: McBrain Damage. We do Maiden stuff, a bit of Ozzy as well."

Adrian: I played with one at a fan club convention in Holland: Hi-on Maiden. We did 'Two Minutes To Midnight'. But I forgot it, because I hadn't played for so long."

You can check out the whole article in the 'Spanish Inquisition' section on page 84 of the Jan 07 issue of Metal Hammer.


Bruce Dickinson praised Higher-on-Maiden on the Radio 4 program - Send In The Clones.

Listen to the Bruce bit here

Listen to the whole show here


The First Ten Years Live CD is now ready, and is available to buy in the store

The track listing is as follows:

1.Caught Somewhere in Time (Full version downloadable)
3.The Trooper
4.No More Lies
6.Rime of the Ancient Mariner
8.Phantom of the Opera
9.The Number of the Beast
10.Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
11.Run to the Hills
12.Moonchild (BONUS TRACK) (Full version downloadable)

You can find CSIT and Moonchild in the downloads section, to give you all a taster of the album.

We will add snippets of different tracks over the coming weeks.


New Live Album Available Soon!!!

For the Past 6 months, we have been recording most of our live shows. We sifted through the tapes, and picked out the best of the best to go on our new CD - The First Ten Years.

We are currently sorting out the artwork for the cover, and they should be ready to go on sale in the next month or so. Keep checking back for further details.

STOP PRESS !!!!!!!! Hi-on Maiden are Carrying On !!!

A lot of you may be aware that we announced last year that this would not only be our tenth anniversary, but also our final year.

Since making this statement, the response has been overwhelming. We have been inundated with hundreds of messages from fans asking us not to give up.

This had made us think long and hard about the future of the band, and I can proudly announce that Hi-on Maiden WILL BE CARRYING ON after this year!!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support, and helped us change our minds.

Here's to a long future for us and you ....

Thanks for all your support over the last 10 years .. here's to the next 10 !,

Speed, Big, Hurry, Swifty and Quicko.

The First Ten Years!!!

2005 marks our tenth anniversary, and we have decided to go all out and do more gigs than ever this year to celebrate.
There will be a new live CD and even a tour programme that will both be on sale shortly.
So have a look at the gig list and see where your nearest Hi-on Maiden gig is.

Seasons Greetings!!!

All of us at Hi-on Maiden would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in 2004, and we will see you in 2005, our tenth aniversary year.

2005 Dates Added To Gig List.

I have just updated the gig list to include all the dates that are confirmed so far for next year.

There are loads of gaps still to fill, but confirmations are coming in all the time. The plan is to play every weekend, with August off for a break!!!
Please keep checking the list for further updates.
Cheers, Speed.

Belgium Update.

Ok, I have some more info regarding travel and tickets. Tickets for the first show are priced at 7 Euro's and can be bought on the night. Tickets for the second show are 12 Euro's and can be booked in advance. Check for availability and how to book.

The closest airport to the first venue is Frankfurt Hahn and is about an hours drive. Ryanair fly there regularly from London - check their website.

Cologne airport is also about an hours drive from the venue, and the promoter is pretty sure that Easy Jet fly there from the Midlands - Please check their website to confirm.

One last note, drinks over there apparently cost only 1.27 Euro's - thats roughly 89p a pint!!!!!

Hi-on Maiden Headline Another Metal Festival In The New Year.

We are Headlining a metal festival called Black Winter Day at The Colours Bar Bradford Uni on Jan 8th. There are 10 bands on the bill(!!!) and it all kicks off at 2pm. Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £6 and I will post more info on where you can obtain them as soon as I know. Click here for more info.

The rest of next years schedule will be posted in the gig guide sometime in December.

For Those Of You Coming To Belgium....

I know a lot of you have expressed an interest in coming over the water to see our shows in Belgium. those of you who haven't made up your minds yet, let me give you a little more info on the gigs - The first night, we are headlining a huge metal festival in St Vith that is held annualy, and the average crowd at these shows is around 2000. There will be several other bands on the bill, and it promises to be one hell of a night. The promoter assures me that the closest airport to St Vith is Frankfurt, and both Ryan air and Easy Jet run regular flights there from the UK. I have the number of a youth hostle there that provides very good accomodation at great prices (around 14 Euro's per person per night based on 4 sharing a room if I remeber right). The second night is in Verviers, which is just an hour up the road, so it will be quite easy to come to that gig too, and get back to the same hostle that night. The promoter has also talked about sorting out some transport for those of you who are travelling to and from the gigs, but would ideally like to know numbers etc in advance. If there is any other info you would like on the shows (tickets, times etc) then please contact me.



Cardiff Date Moved.

Anyone coming to the gig at The Barfly In Cardiff, please note that the date has been moved from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of November. All tickets that have already been purchased will still be valid. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Cheers, Speed.

Broadcast Date For End Of Story.

The BBC End Of Story programme on Shaun Hutson featuring Hi-on Maiden will be broadcast on BBC3 on the 31st of October at 7pm. Make sure you all watch it!!!

Stourbridge Date Confirmation.

There has been some confusion about the date of our gig next month at The Rock Cafe in Stourbridge. To cut a long story short, we had one date booked, they had another... The situation is now sorted: We are playing on the Sunday now, instead of the Saturday. As it's the 31st, it is going to be a massive Halloween spectacular, with metal disco, fancy dress etc. So even better!!!! See you all there.

Hi-on Maiden Headline Monsters Of Rock Festival!!!

Hi-on Maiden are topping the bill at The Monsters Of Rock (Of Ages) Festival in Leeds on November 6th. Other bands appearing on the night will be Bad Obsession, Motorheadache, Fisted Sister and possibly a Metalica tribute. Tickets are priced at £9.50, and will be available from the Rock Of Ages club in Leeds. Check out for more info.

Quicko's Diaries Back On Track!!!

Quicko has been hard at work writing his diaries again to fill you lot in with what has been going on at our gigs. Click here for the latest news.

BBC Update.

The BBC are showing an End Of Story update program this weekend, following the success of the treasure hunts across the UK. We will be making a short appearance on this, about 20 - 30 seconds apparently, with the full footage being shown on the Shaun Hutson episode of the series in the Autumn.

The program is going out this Saturday 1st of May at 8:30pm on BBC Three, and being repeated on Friday 7th of May on BBC One at 12:30am (1am for viewers in Scotland).


The BBC contacted me the other day, to ask if we could help promote something they are doing called 'End Of Story'.

Here is an extract of the e-mail, to give you some idea of what it is all about:

"The BBC has commissioned 8 of the UK's top selling contemporary authors to take part in the biggest writing challenge ever attempted. Each author has written half of a short story of their choice, ranging from tales of romance to stories of suspense, crime and fantasy, and then members of the public across the UK are invited to take up the challenge of writing the best ending. The competition will be launched on Sunday 18th April on BBC 2 and BBC 3 and will run throughout the summer, with an eight part series following the entire process in the autumn.

As part of our attempts to encourage as many people as possible to get involved, the eight author's contributions have been published in a small, limited edition book which will be distributed the length and breadth of the UK at the time of the competition launch. These books will be the 'treasure' that everybody who would like to take part in the competition is invited to hunt for. The treasure hunt will be a huge nationwide event, which we hope will encourage members of the public to get involved in the competition."

Shaun Hutson, one of the famous authors who has written one of the short stories for the book, is a massive Iron Maiden fan, so the BBC thought it would be great to set up a 'treasure hunt' at one of our gigs, and film it for broadcast on the TV to help promote End Of Story.

This is going to take place at the next JB's gig on the 10th of April. So if you fancy the chance of getting your face on the telly, come along and take part in the treasure hunt for End Of Story.

Site Update!!!!

Loads of new pics have been added to the gallery!!! And if that's not enough, we have added 2 more songs from our Live 2002 CD for you to download free!!! So what are you waiting for?!?!?


The band would like to apologise to those of you who made it to Strawberry fields on Sunday night only to find that the gig was cancelled. The first the band knew about it was at 5:30 on Sunday evening when they turned up at the venue themselves. I received a call from Swifty asking me if the gig had been confirmed. I usually phone each venue ahead to check this out, but as I have been out of action for a few weeks, I had overlooked this. The promoter reckons the venue had been repossesed, and taked over by another manager, and so all of his gigs had been pulled. It would just have been nice, let alone curteous of him to inform me in advance!!! Once again, sorry for the inconvenience. I am currently in negotiations with the new owners to rebook something later on in the year.

Cheers, Speed.

I've gone and broken my wrist!!!!

I've just got back from the hospital, and I've got a F**kin cast on my arm!!! I'm out for a few weeks, but don't panic, we are working hard to find a stand in, but just to let you know, some gigs may have to be cancelled in the coming weeks. Details of any cancellations will be posted on here as soon as I know what they are. Sorry in advance to any fans and venues this may affect. Cheers, Speed.


Due to strict ticketing regulations set by the University, entry on the door is not permitted. They have agreed however, that to get round this, tickets can be purchased on the night from The Linford Restaurant next door to the Venue. People driving to this event will need to report to the University's main gate and collect a visitors pass for their car. Any vehicles not displaying a pass will be clamped. You have been warned!!! Cheers, Speed.


Quicko has decided to treat you all to his inside view on what goes on at our gigs. his diaries can be found here Some new pics have also gone up in the gallery.

A Few Gig Updates......

As always with the best laid plans, sometimes things go wrong..... Sorry to all of those who were coming to see us at The Rock Asylum in Horsham, the gigs are off. The venue has decided that it no longer wants to hold live music events. The promoters are looking for a new venue down that way, so I shall keep you posted with any further developments. The Bury St. Edmonds gig at The Grapes scheduled for the 28th of Feb and been moved to the 19th of June. The 28th has now been filled with a gig at The Cauliflower in Ilford. We have now secured 2 dates in Belgium for the end of the year, and we are currenlty looking into coming back to several of the European countries we have visited before. For up to the minute gig news, please keep checking the gig list. Thanks, Speed.


Happy new year to all!!! 2004 promises to be our busiest year to date, with over 50 gigs already booked in!!! Those of you in the Colchester area will be happy to know that our show at The Soundhouse on 31st of Jan is going ahead. New t-shirts are on their way and tickets for several of our shows can now be purchased from way ahead tickets Click here See you all somewhere on tour.........


I have now posted all of next years dates that have been confirmed so far. There are still a few blanks, but I am awaiting confirmation of these dates, and as soon as I have them, they will be posted too. Keep checking back for updates. I would just like to say on behalf of all the band, thanks to all of you who have supported us this year. Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy new Year. See you all in 2004!!! Cheers, Speed.


Next Saturday will see Manic Gers take the stage with Hi-on Maiden at JB's, and complete the 6 piece line up for the first time. Why not come along and give your support, and make his first gig with us one he'll never forget.


The second Iron Maiden day at The Ruskin Arms will be a corker this year, with ourselves headlining (6 piece line up!!!) and 6 other bands on the bill. If thats not enough, there will also be a slot from a hypnotist, a rock disco and Laz from the official Maiden Fan Club will be there selling merchandise. Tickets priced �10 will be on sale soon at all of our gigs and from Make sure you get yours early, as demand is high!

Manic Gers Revealed!!!!

We are pleased to announce that the role of Manic Gers will be filled by Chris Harrison (Open your eyes Nicholas). Keep checking back for details on his debut gig.


There will be a very special guest at tomorrows charity event in Leicester. Blaze Bayley is showing his support by coming along and will be joining us on stage to play some of his old Maiden Favourites. Doors open at 7pm, so make sure you get there early.


The second Iron Maiden day at The Ruskin Arms has been confirmed for the 30th of November. Keep checking for more info and ticket availability.

Sixth Member Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, due to Swifty having other commitments next year, we have decided to call in Manic Gers to do the gigs that Swifty can't make. Watch this space for more info....


.........Well one of their websites anyway!!! I was recently Interviewed by Alex Hodgson for a piece about the forthcoming Mocksters Of Rock gig in Sheffield. Check out the article at

Booking Hi-on Maiden

Any venues wishing to book the band, should contact Speed Harris. Just Click on the contacts link on the right, and send an E-mail. Be quick, as the dates are drying up fast!!!

We are always looking for new venues around the country. So if you would like to see Hi-on Maiden at your local venue, please pass on the relevant contact info to Speed. Cheers.

Charity Gig.

We have been asked to play at a charity gig in Leicester on 19th September. I received an e-mail from a guy called Gary, this is what he wrote: "On the 8th of june my girlfriend died in a motorcycle accident. she was a big rock fan and she left behind 2 children without any life insurance. I am arranging a benefit concert for them in the next month or so in leicester. could you play for us if I fix a date?? All proceeds go into a trust fund I have set up for the children." We of course gave our services as soon as we read this. I would like to ask all of you out there who can make it down to the Leicester New College on the 19th sept, please come along and give your support. There will be 2 other bands on the night, as well as an old school rock disco. Hope to see many of you there. Thanks, Speed.


Yep!!! We have now posted The full version of Alexander The Great live for you all to download!!! Pop over to the downloads section now and check it out!!! ENJOY

Site updates.....

At long last the store section is fully stocked with all of our new merchandise!!! Go over and have a look at what goodies are on offer. The meet the band section is under construction and should be ready soon too!!!

Hi-on Maiden to headline Mocksters Of Rock Festival in Sheffield!!!

We have just confirmed that we will be headlining the annual Mocksters Of Rock festival at The Boardwalk in Sheffield. The festival is to take place over 2 days, Sun24th and Mon 25th August. We are playing on the Sunday night, and there are some great rock/metal tribute bands lined up for show. At this stage, others confirmed are Queen, ZZ Top and Free. Get yourselves along for a fantastic weekend of music. More info can be obtained from


As well as our CD's and T-Shirts, you can now buy all manner of Hi-on Maiden goodies. New items include: Hi-on Maiden lighters (choice of white or black), Hi-on Maiden badges, and finally - Dave Hurry's personalized plectrums. All will be available at our gigs, and from the store section as soon as it gets updated. More items to come soon, so keep an eye out.


Wildest Dreams, Maidens unreleased song off their forthcoming album Dance Of Death, will be included in our set from now on!!! To hear the new song live, get yourself along to your nearest Hi-on Maiden gig.


The second Iron Maiden day at the Ruskin Arms is being planned. We would like your input and ideas on what YOU would like to see going on. Pop over to the forums and reply to the relevant thread with your suggestions. Thanks for your time and effort, Speed.

Booking Hi-on Maiden.....

Any venues wishing to book the band, should contact Speed Harris. Just Click on the contacts link on the right, and send me an E-mail. Be quick, as the first half of next year is already fully booked, and dates for the rest of the year are drying up fast!!!

Hi-on Maiden Forums......

Now that you're here, why not visit our forums and have a chat with the regulars? Talk about Maiden (Iron and Hi-on!) or anything you like.... Just click on the forum link on the right.

Maiden Release New Album Details!!!!

Iron Maiden have just announced the details for their forthcoming album. Go to for the full story. Just thought I'd post it up here incase anyone checks here before the official Maiden site. Cheers, Speed.

New Pics In The Gallery!!!

We have posted a few new pics taken at the JB's gig in the gallery section. Thanks to Eddies Mum for sending them in!!!

New Items Coming Soon To The Store....

There will be some new things up for sale in the store over the coming weeks, as more items come into stock!!! The red T-Shirts will be on sale again from next weekend, and hopefully the full colour jobbies won't be too far behind.... Hurry has pulled his finger out, and his very own customised plectrums will soon be up for grabs!!! (Swifty might even follow suit too!) And if that little lot isn't enough, there will be some brand new never before seen merchandise available!!! So keep checking the store to make sure you don't miss out.

The STORE is FIXED and OPEN ! (It's About Time!)

At last, I have sorted out the Hi-on Maiden Merchandise Store !!! People from around the world can enjoy Our Live Cd's , T Shirts, Posters, Plectrums ???? eh?? ... etc ...So come on treat yourself (Because you know ... you're worth it!).... Cheers, Swifty xxxx


The Finn Mc'Ouls date has been brought forward by the venue, due to the pressure from the fans wanting to see the top Maiden tribute band in the U.K. play down there. The date is now 24/05/03. See ya there......

New Graphics Up And Running!!!

I finally managed to make all the changes and recode all my old inferior code, and even managed to do it in the timeframe I said. Theres still a few tweaks here and there to be done but all of the frameworks there. I hope you enjoy it :-)


Scruffster Reviews Hi-on Maiden !

Check a Review of our Cartoon, Croydon gig HERE !

Happy New Year !!! ..... Site Updated !

New Downloads ! ... New Gallery Pictures !! New Links !!! Loadsa New Gigs to Play !!!! ... New Iron Maiden Gigs and Album Later in the Year !!!!!

What are you waiting For ????
UP THE IRONS (And Hi-on's LOL)

Bloody Pay Pal!!!!


Bloody Pay Pal!!! They have screwed me around something rotten. I would like to apologise to all of you who have purchased stuff from our store (and thankyou!). I opened the account under the name 'Speed Harris', then they tell me that they won't allow me to transfer any funds to a bank account, unless the bank account is in the name of Speed Harris too. So I am in the process of setting up an account in my real name.

Don't worry, all of you will have the money refunded by paypal, and I will contact you all personally when it is all ironed out. Thanks for your patience in this matter.


The store section is now fully operational. So now you can buy Hi-on Maiden merchandise, such as our new live C.D. over the net!!! More items will be added as and when they become available.

All you need is a valid Pay Pal account. To sign up to Pay Pal, click here.

Happy shopping!!!


Our new live C.D. is finally available, and was launched at the Iron Maiden day at the Ruskin Arms. They were selling like like hot cakes!!! Anyone wishing to buy one over the net can do so by sending me an e-mail or private message on our forums. They will of course be available to buy at all of our future gigs too.

The tracklist is as follows:

1. The Evil That Men Do

2. Revelations

3. 22 Acacia Avenue

4. Alexander The Great

5. Fear Of The Dark

6. Stranger In A Strange Land

7. The Clansman

8. Hallowed Be Thy Name<

Price �8 plus p+p

Cheers, Speed

More Downloads Added !!! .... (Oh...and Pics Aswell ...!)


These tracks will be appearing on our Forthcoming NEW Live CD which will be due out the end of November ... Just in time for - IRON MAIDEN DAY - The Ruskin Arms

See ya all down the Ruskin Arms !!!


Hi-on maiden get a mention in the Kerrang! Maiden special on page 52. Click Here !

While being interviewed, Steve Harris is asked what he thinks about Iron Maiden tribute bands:

Have you ever been tempted to see an Iron Maiden tribute band?

Steve: �Yeah quite a few. Some of them are really good. There�s a band called Hi-on Maiden who play stuff for our fan club and they�re really close to the bone�.

Would you ever be tempted to do a guest spot with them?

Steve: �I did get up with them once in Portugal, but it felt very odd. I thought it would be a laugh, but when I got up there it just didn�t feel right without the rest of the boys. Their Steve Harris was good though. It was funny for me to stand and watch this guy in stripy trousers looking like a 25 year old version of me, playing all the notes I play�.

Guest appearance by Blaze Bayley!!!!!

Blaze Bayley was at our gig on Saturday night to promote his forthcoming gig at J.B's Dudley in December. We persuaded him to get up with us and perform The Clansman. The crowd loved it so much, that he came back on and did Hallowed Be Thy Name with us as well!!! The performance was filmed by his crew, and will feature in his forthcoming documentary.

We are also featured in the Latest News Section on Blaze's site -

Photo's will be posted as soon as we have them. Cheers Blaze!!! and to everyone who turned up ... It was a Great Night !!

If you are in the Midlands on Dec 14th, why not get yourselves along to Blazes gig at Jb's Dudley !!!

New Download MP3 Added From our Forthcoming New Live C.D.!!!!!!

We have put up some snipets of tracks taken from our forthcoming live CD to give you all a taster......

So what are you waiting for?!? get over to the download section and listen to it now!!!!

During the coming week, more snipets will be added !

Also updated is the Gallery which will be constantly updated at least once a week !!! ... (so keep checking.....)

The Caption Competition Is Now Closed!!!

Thanks to all of you who posted a reply to the caption comp. We will be judging the answers soon, and prize winners will be anounced on here shortly.

More Pics Added To the Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . (And That's Not All !!)

As I am sure you are all well aware, the site has been a bit stale for the last few months......

We are currently updating all areas of the web site, check for new stuff on the gallery, downloads and band bio. New pics will be added each week, so keep checking back.

There are also some new links on the site too, and there will be totally new graphics coming soon.......


We have just confirmed with The Ruskin Arms that we will be the headlining band at the first official IRON MAIDEN DAY to be held on December the 1st.

For more information on tickets and running times of the day, check


The last caption comp was so much fun, that we thought we would do it all again. Go to the forums and check it out.


We have confirmed the following dates with Sniper Entertainments for the European shows.

They are:

Dec 19th - Holland - Nijmegen - Back stage

Dec 20th - Holland - Hoorn - Manifesto

Dec 21st - Holland - Oldenzaal - Kroegje

Dec 22nd - Holland - Helmond - Plato

There will also be an afternoon show on the 22nd, venue TBC.



We are in the middle of negotiating the first gigs for our return to the continent with Sniper Enterprises. This mini tour will consist of two gigs in Holland and one in Belgium some time in December. As soon as the Dates and venues are confirmed, they will be posted on here.

Dutch and Belgian fans go to Sniper Enterprises website for more

New Website Section

We are proud to announce the new sponsors section of our website. We haven't put a button on the navigation bar yet, but clicking here will take you to the page in the mean time. We'd like to say a big thanks to all of the companies that have helped us out.


Keep an eye out for our new Store section that will allow all of you lot out there to purchase HI-ON MAIDEN merchandise over the net.


The First Hi-on Maiden Newsletter Is Out!!!

I finally got round to sorting out the first newsletter. It has been sent exclusively to those of you who have registered on our forums. So if you wish to receive our newsletter too, get yourself registered on our forums. Included in the newsletter is an exclusive sneak preview of our new poster.....


Caption Competition Winners.

The caption competition is now closed. Here are the winners chosen by Swifty and myself���.

In third place: Punk57 � ''Dunno what your laughing at. At least I don't have a stupid Goatie''

Second place goes to: Warlock � ''I just came in 'ere for a piss......I really don't know who this asshole is but, I wish he'd leave me alone''

But the winner has to be: Eddies Mum � ''Adrian seemed strangely happy with his waxwork model, unveiled today at Madame Tussauds. So happy, in fact, that he took it on tour with him as a stand it for photo shoots.''

Congratulations folks. PM me with your details so we can get your prizes to you.

I�d just like to say that Adrian Swifts answer was actually the best -''Adrian .... Mate .... etc .... In Our Band, Hi-on Maiden, we have the classic line up of Bass, Drums, Vocals and 2 Guitars ... I was wondering..... When you are playing one of your excellent Solo's, What's It like to Have That Fucking 'Janick' bloke play '''widdly widdly weeeee'' Over the Top AT THE SAME TIME !!!!!!!! ----- AND HOW DOES DAVE MURRAY NOT HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM EH!!!!! - How much does Dave have to Pay Janick Each Gig ??????????'' but he was disqualified on account of being in the band!!!

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Keep a look out, we may well do another caption competition in the near future��


Caption Competition!

Here's your chance to get yer grubby little mits on some Hi-On Maiden merchandise and free entry to one of our gigs.

All you have to do is head on over to our forums, register and post a caption on the Caption competition thread. The winners will be picked by the band, but hurry as the competition closes on the 10th of August, so get a move on!


Hi-on Maiden Forums.

The forums are back up and running. One slight all have to re-register your names. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks, Speed.

Hi-on Maiden Forums......

Those of you who have tried to use our forums over the last couple of months will have noticed they are not working! Hopefully we will have it sorted soon.

Special Guests At The Standard Gig On Friday....

Once again, thanks to all the fans who showed up and bought something in the auction on Friday at The Standard. We raised another �80 towards the Clive Burr Trust Fund. We had a few special guests turn up too!!! Clive Burr himself came down to see us!!! He signed all of the stuff that had been donated for auction and said he would like to personally thank all of you who donated to the fund or bought something at the auctions. Laz and Sue, from the IRON MAIDEN fan club also came along and brought Joe, Laz's 14 year old son. Joe is a wicked drummer, and so we let him guest on a couple of tracks. He played The Trooper and Wrathchild with us. He is so good, it sounded like Nicko himself was behind the kit!!! Well done Joe! At the end of the night, Clive came up on stage to thank everyone, and told us he had really enjoyed himself. Laz said he will be donating even MORE stuff for us to auction off in our forthcoming gigs. Cheers Laz, and cheers Clive for coming down. (Photo's from the night coming soon, so keep checking back)

News From The Clive Burr Charity Show.

As Markus said, thanks to all of you who turned up and made it a fantastic night to remember. The auction of the stuff donated by IRON MAIDEN went extremely well, raising �233 alone!!! Here is a quick run down of the items that went under the hammer, and how much they raised: Signed pics of Bruce - �26, Janick and Daves plectrums - �11, Nicko's sweatbands - �12, Janicks sweatbands - �13, Dave's sweatbands - �12, Steve Harris' sweatbands - an incredible �40, Nicko's sticks - �20, Steve Harris' strings - �21, C.D. of Number Of The Beast signed by Clive Burr - �22, and the 2 vinyl copies of Number Of The Beast signed by Clive went for �28 each. The total raised on the night was �853!!! Clive and IRON MAIDEN were so pleased, that they would like to extend their thanks to all of you too. And not only that, they have also donated some more merchandise for us to auction off at this Fridays gig down at The Standard in London!!! So if you fancy getting your hands on some rare items similar to the ones mentioned above, then get your arses down to The Standard. (Mr. Di Anno may show his face too....)

Credit to the fans!

I would like to personally thank everyone who turned up at JB's for the Clive Burr charity gig especially Jan for being Eddie and the two guys with the blow up guitars for being completely mad! And also all the people who bought the maiden merchandise. Hopefully i should have some of the pics from the gig to put up pretty soon and the gallery up and running properly.

Cheers Markusuk1(websensei)


IRON MAIDEN have kindly donated some rare MAIDEN items (some of which will be signed by Clive himself!!!) for us to auction off at the gig on 8/6/02. Hopefully, Clive will be able to make an appearance at the show, and we are currently negotiating with other members of IRON MAIDEN, so you never know who may show up on the night!!! Sam, the owner of J.B.'s, has said he will donate a large percentage of the door takings aswell....good on yer Sam!!! See you all there. Speed

HI-ON MAIDEN play Alexander The Great live!!!!!!!!!

All of you who made it to stourbridge witnessed the debut performance of Alexander The Great. The song went down a storm and we will be playing it in our set at every gig from now on!! When Steve Harris was told we were going to play it he said "No way! You've got to video it and send me a copy so I can see it done live." So if you want to see this classic performed live, check the gig list and get yourself down to your nearest HI-ON MAIDEN show......

Clive Burr Charity Show........

We have decided to donate all the proceeds from our J.B.'s show in Dudley 8/6/02 to The Clive Burr MS Trust. The band will make NO PROFIT from this gig, with ALL money from merchandise sales going to the charity as well. So make sure you get your tickets booked and lets make this a night to remember!!! Call 01384 253597 for tickets and information. This ones for you Clive.