International Iron Maiden Tribute Band - 'Higher on Maiden', formed in the U.K. around 1995 and are The World's Original and Finest Tribute to the Mighty 'Iron Maiden'

For the last 18 years they have played shows in every corner of the UK, Europe and most recently, India, where one gig was broadcast on live TV, in front of 6000 screaming fans.
Higher-on-Maiden trade cryptocurrency are the only Iron Maiden Tribute who's members have actually played on stage with (and members have been officially endorsed by) Steve Harris, Adrian Smith, Nicko McBrain, Paul Dianno & Blaze Bayley.
And when Bruce Dickinson was at one of their shows in Sweden he commented to Higher-on-Maiden's front man, 'Big Dickinson' ...... "You sound just like me !!! ... I always wondered what I sang on that bit!"
Higher-on-Maiden have a genuine passion for the music of Iron Maiden coupled with a desire to recreate the live sound as closely as possible. As a review in Terrorizer Magazine said, "Normally a cover band wouldn't warrant a review in Terrorizer, but this lot were so much fun that they are worth a mention. They have the guitar sound down pat, 'Steve Harris' is a dead ringer for 'Arry and the best part was that the set list was one great song after another. Higher-on-Maiden is a great night out for you and the mates to rock out and have a beverage. Eddie even shows up to give his blessing too."
Up the Irons !

India 2014 Here We Come Again !


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New YouTube Site

For all the latest Videos from the latest tour of INDIA and lots of UK stuff please visit and subscribe to the Higher-on-Maiden YouTube site here.

North East India Winter Tour

Higher-on-Maiden would like to thank the amazing people of North East India for their warmth and hospitality on our latest trip to this wonderful country.
The reception from the people and crowds at Ukhrul, Imphal and Dimapur was unbelievable and we cannot wait to return ! May we thank everyone involved including Sanjit, 'MJ' and Sunjay from Campus Infotainment (we love you so much boys), our fantastic Sound Man Shimrei, our great friend Albert for single handedly catching all our food with his bare hands (the snakes and spiders were the best), our Tour Manager Sunny, who I don't think will go to sleep on us again (see here), The Classic Hotel - Imphal (great scrambled eggs and chicken dinners), our chef Mr Tom yum Goong and Beni ("no .. your king chillis are not the hottest" says Big Dickinson), Sky Group, Morung Express, Nokia (Imphal), Marina Spring, Aier's Enclave (and the Dogs .. woof), Crescendo, Metal Gear, Get Gorgeous Society (Champ is Crazy!) and all the people who came and supported ! For photo's of our latest trip to India and more please click here.

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Another Great India Tour 2012


Higher-on-Maiden are very proud and excited to announce that we will be Headlining the Chaos 2012 Festival in Ahmedabad, India on 28th January 2012. Chaos 2012 is the Biggest and most well known Cultural Festival in India .. we can't wait .. more info here.

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Meet the Band (at long last !!)

At long last we have sorted the MEET THE BAND section of the site (only took 10 years ... worth the wait ??????) Go and check out which Midget Gem is Dave Hurry's Favourite ...

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